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30.05.2014 17:05 Age: 3 yrs


Support of "ZUGFeRD" in the new version of the open-source accounting software

0.8.5 is out and this is what's new:


  • document bezahlcodeAccount to metaIBAN, bezahlcodeBankID to metaBIC, bezahlcodeHolder to metaHolder

Bug fixes

  • bug 151: possible subcent values in transaction detail window for self-created invoices
  • bug 159 Addison export does not restrict by selected date range

New features

  • Possibility to assign expenses to "Telecommunication"
  • Possibility to save own organizations VAT ID
  • Tesseract OCR integration. This is a preparatory feature, the recognized text will be saved in HCOR format in a document attribute but is not yet accessible on the GUI
  • Support of additional units hectare, kilometre, kilowatt hour, lump sum, minute, square millimetre, millimetre, cubic metre, number of articles, number of pairs, percent, set, metric ton, week
  • Contact attribute sepa mandate
  • Placeholders for BIC and IBAN
  • ZUGFeRD export and import

16.04.2015 0.8.8

Support for sales taxes


22.12.2014 0.8.7

The new version 0.8.7 of the open-source-accounting software Gnuaccounting no longer requires...





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