2006-11-04 0.3.4

Fixed problem starting GnuAccounting in the proprietary Microsoft Windows (r)(tm) operating system. Despite previous doubts, GnuAccounting seems to run at least in SuSE 10.1's KDE unaltered.

The only changed (besides the version number) was to change the windows batch file to

java -Djava.library.path=. -cp "./org.eclipse.core.runtime_3.1.0.jar; ./swt.jar;./org.eclipse.jface_3.1.0.jar; ./swt.jar; ./noa-2.0.jar; ./unoil.jar; ./ridl.jar; ./hsqldb.jar; ./bion_officebean-2.0.jar; ./juh.jar;./bion_jurt-2.0.jar; ." gnuaccounting/gnuaccounting

2012-11-07 Join develop

Coworking jelly in Frankfurt, Friday 16 September more...

2012-11-06 Forum will close

The forum will close in December more...

2012-10-09 LibreOffice Conference

Gnuaccounting development on the LibreOffice Conference: October 18 in Berlin more...

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