< 0.7.2

01.01.2010 00:00 Age: 7 yrs

Tons of bug fixes


  • The way how transactions are booked internally and create entries has been completely refactored

Bug fixes:

  • corrected non-numerical reference code lookup
  • avoid booking entries with 0 value, e.g. for 0-vat
  • bugfix reference column in accounting add
  • auto-recognize references in accounting add
  • hbci accounting import fix
  • update hbci4java to version 2.5.12
  • auto-create and link contacts for imported payments
  • bugfix on cancelled invoices
  • internal recipient selection does not match user recipient selection
  • open invoices should not vanish when detail booking cancelled
  • accounting entries SHOULD vanish when moved to the deleted folder
  • correct contact should be selected in detail booking
  • invoice shows item price 1 when created with comma instead of dot as decimal separator in products window
  • when deleting items from invoice, wrong item may get deleted
  • correct booking of payments
  • open invoices should not vanish when restarting

New features:

  • Easier bookkeeping (a standard template)
  • rudimentary barcode reader/writer support