Unzip the archive and run gnuaccounting.bat (windows) or make executable (chmod a+x ./ and run (./ (on unices). Please refer to the manual to start on Windows 64 bit, to start the portable version or use MySQL as database.


To uninstall gnuaccounting just delete the .gnuaccounting directory in the user home directory which will be created on it’s first start to store settings and data.

rm -r <the directory in which e.g. is located> 
rm -r ~/.gnuaccounting

If you used MySQL instead of the embedded Apache Derby Database please additionally perform the following steps:

mysql --user=root -p  
mysql> drop database gnuaccounting;
mysql> delete from mysql.user where user='gnuaccounting' and host='localhost';


The quickstart guide shows two typical workflows in gnuaccounting.

User manual

You can download the current version as ODT-File from the version control (in english, in german).
You can also download a PDF-version of Gnuaccounting 0.8.5’s manual (in english, in german).

Developer documentation

Current version from version control as ODT,
Gnuaccounting 0.8.4’s development documentation as PDF.

Ohloh tries to give you a impression about the project with some automatic metrics: .


The complete license text (GPL) as well as the README and RELEASE NOTES (including known bugs) are also part of every download.