< 0.7.4

09.04.2010 00:00 Age: 7 yrs

… even more bugfixes …


  • Some file name changes in the docs directory to indicate the languages

Bug fixes:

  • x64 version now works out of the box again
  • osCommerce integration now works again
  • standard booking did not remove invoice todo entry
  • transactions can now be cancelled again
  • booking correct VAT amount on new entry via detailbookingwindow
  • transaction type change on transaction load now works correctly
  • entries in the vat table in entryDetailsWindow were ignored
  • detail book incorrectly booked 0 value
  • allow empty contact in detail booking
  • transaction/created entries are no longer transient
  • booking/balancing does not work if VAT is involved
  • could balance only first invoice in todowindow
  • todoWindow now loads correct transaction to balance

New features:

  • rudimentary year end closing