< 0.7.8

28.01.2011 00:00 Age: 6 yrs

English accounting charts


  • remove getContactForListID (use comboviewer)
  • taxoffice: use comboviewer, not redundant stringlist
  • states: use comboviewer, not redundant stringlist
  • Tax window: Wider select boxes

Bug fixes:

  • Changing the accounting chart is only permanently saved after clicking the save button in the settings window for the second time
  • Istbesteuerung was not possible w/SKR04
  • Nullpointerex when importing from Bank account and only 0% VAT configured
  • dont allow to delete new VAT
  • cancel transaction and reopen create new transacion may result in wrong transaction type (Quittung->Lieferschein, Lieferschein->Quittung, Eingangsbeleg->Lieferschein)
  • Receipt always produces /0 number on document
  • edit-window change sort order does not work correctly for last two columns
  • no query to close editDetails when value ist still 0
  • deleting transactions from edit: entries reapear when window re-opened, vanish only after restart
  • don’t show "new account" in editDetails nor edit window
  • Monthly evaluation of accounts reported inverted amounts (-11000 instead of +11000)
  • account definition showed only parts of the ID of an account if >100
  • when importing entries, new account is selected, though not available in combo
  • Spread sheet report accounts list debit/credit swap, T-Accounts debit/credit on wrong sides
  • after new install: can’t switch to SKR04, then gnucash business without exception
  • can not switch to SKR04 and istbesteuerung at the same time
  • change order debit credit in sheet 3 spreadsheet
  • No VAT bookings in gnucash acct frame
  • customer:additional not replaced
  • default select gnucash accounting chart for non-german installs

New features:

  • resort: debit, credit in accounting table
  • resort: debit, credit in accounting detail entry window
  • have CSV export for Datev Kanzlei-Rechnungswesen
  • have a icon/logo
  • support portablegit
  • Be able to sort import queue by the columns
  • hibiscus XML import
  • Gnucash Business Accounting Frame
  • RPM, DEB linux installer packages