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23.08.2012 00:00 Age: 5 yrs

Incoming transaction assistant & more

Refactorings/Other changes:

  • Changed license from GPL2+ to GPL3+
  • update to swt 3.7
  • DB refactorings (e.g. the way how the database and the persistency start)
  • advanceWorkflow refactorings
  • now there is a way to get the document from a transaction and vice versa
  • documentation improvements:
    • opening accounts,
    • command line options(–configPath),
    • libreoffice,
    • 1400 personenkonten,
    • template placeholders,
    • how to use gnuaccounting with portableopenoffice,
    • tax fields for 7%USt,
    • software alternatives,
    • product management,
    • frequently used accounts
  • SVN repository was moved by sourceforge
  • new forum on www.gnuaccounting.org/forum/
  • removed redundant product attribute nominalPrice
  • switch to NOA-libre
  • refactored: standard java.sql.Date->java.util.Date
  • German translation: Konfiguration now renamed "Einrichtung"
  • renamed Assets from "Abschreibungen" to "Anlagegüter" in german

Bug fixes:

  • comma as decimal separator ignored in entryDetailWindow
  • document table headlines in document window now localized
  • after invoice completed no longer need to show in dropdown for document selection
  • period restriction ignored in export
  • INvoice and INcoming transaction had the same prefix in english
  • add / on configpath if it does not end with one
  • evaluation by account does not work
  • document type incorrect if any type except invoice or credit memo selected in new transaction wizard
  • nullpointerexception was possible when importing certain bank account entries from moneyplex XML
  • removed verwendungszweck (payment purpose) field delimiter (@) from Moneyplex import
  • fixed NumberFormatException in more recent LibreOffice installations, e.g. Kubuntu 12.04 default

New features:

  • VCF contact import/export
  • jes account chart
  • have paid in cash option in new transaction wizard
  • GUI: export CSV, ASCII and spread sheet have now been moved into different menu items
  • import CSV bank statements for Volksbank Alzey, Germany
  • changes to assets, e.g. introduce numbers, locations, remarks
  • print: allow to specify number of copies
  • transaction list