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15.09.2007 00:00 Age: 10 yrs

This release is an overhaul which removes some old things which should have gone long ago (e.g. a way to book called "continuations") and introduces some features which should have been introduced long ago. It’s now based on SWT 3.3 (Eclipse Europa) and NOA 2.0.9.

The items in detail were: code cleanups(bugs 1756730,1762621,1781961,1781967,1790963), now using SWT 3.3 (1762622) and NOA 2.0.9 (1762623), datepicker in balancewindow(1757811), dropped recordswindow and ‘continuations'(1735535), credit memos are now automatically booked(1781964)

By default, this will install a new database file due to changes in the internal structure.