< 0.4.3

18.10.2007 00:00 Age: 10 yrs

Some bugfixes (important ones too), some improvements and some new features like rudimentary support for offer, cancelations and reminder transaction types.

I will try to improve usability and user-friendlyness of the template designer drastically in versions >0.4.5 since although one of the two big bugs in the template designer has been fixed but it’s still almost impossible to work with the remaining bug and even if it worked it’s almost unusable.

Please remove or rename the ~/.gnuaccounting directory of former versions before installing this update.

The changes in detail are:
some code cleanups and bugfixes (bugs 1804084,1796610,1804256), transaction remarks (1804706), autorefresh todo items (1804646), add transaction type offer, cancelation, reminder (1804086, 1804088, 1804087), <please select> default for products (1799636)