< 0.5.7

22.06.2008 00:00 Age: 9 yrs

Changed from alpha to beta development stage.

  • merge source, binary release
  • subversion directory changes (/gnuaccounting -> /trunk, added /branches, /tags)
  • remove community window remnants
  • use centralized default font instead of decentral bitstreamverafonts
  • distinguish between appLayer, GUILayer and dataLayer

Bug fixes:

  • 7% VAT get floatpointed to 7.000000000000001
  • allow german 7% VAT booking in vat announcement
  • windows do not open in correct sizes
  • due dates not calculated correctly
  • two-digit month, day numbers in transaction number
  • Stabilization!
  • VAT should default-select some credit&debit accounts (otherwise null pointer exception after saving TAX after clicking new tax)
  • Windows:can not select products in transaction creation wizard

New features:

  • store phone&fax for contacts
  • have a help window
  • enable help
  • support VAT IDs for contacts (reqd’ for credit memos)
  • support personal drawings