< 0.6.2

10.10.2008 00:00 Age: 9 yrs


  • removed xulrunner from libraries (with SWT 3.4 the env variable MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME is needed less as it also scans for moz in default installation directories)
  • corrected wrong english: "voucher" was supposed to be either "reference" (to document) or "document" itself
  • created subpackages appLayer.transactionRelated and appLayer.taxRelated

Bug fixes:

  • OBDX export was not wellformed (<?xml..> instead of <?xml…?>)
  • nullpointerexception when importing bookkeeping entries w/o opened bookkeeping window at GUILayer.accountingEditWindow.refreshAccountingEntries(accountingEditWindow.java:71)/ at GUILayer.newAccountingWizardAdd.performBookings(newAccountingWizardAdd.java:384)
  • sending reminders does not work (appLayer.transactionTypeNotFoundException at appLayer.transactions.getTypeIDByName(transactions.java:59))
  • apply currency number format to item total amount
  • shell file now passes arguments
  • reenable <please select> in new transaction item selection
  • transaction number now reflects issue date, not current date
  • exception on certain price/vat combinations: quantity 190.82 price 20 throwed exception if not vat (factor 1.00) was applied: rewritten rounding code. Hopefully this ends unpredictable round results.

New features:

  • rudimentary GPG support: outgoing invoices pdf files will be digitally signed
  • data import now transparently rejects overlapping time frames: you CAN now only import a booking once and exactly once, even if it appears in multiple exports. e.g. bookings on the first of a month could be included in both the previous month export and the following month export