< 0.6.5

28.12.2008 00:00 Age: 8 yrs

Detail booking window, multiple VAT compliance, HBCI-transfer on incoming invoices, OBDX Import


  • removed unused win64 compat
  • removed balancewindow in favor of the new entrydetailswindow
  • move add entry button from import queue to entry edit window

Bug fixes:

  • fixed XML export: entries (e.g. product descriptions) with single quotes could break XML
  • fixed database insert: entries (e.g. product descriptions) with single quotes could break XML
  • fixed linux64 compatibily: bash file gnuaccounting.sh should now start correctly
  • when adding products, entries in list got duplicated
  • fixed error in product window after adding taxes w/o assignment to accounts
  • numbers&formats window now by default (when the display is shown) select an existing type
  • contacts-, products-, taxes-, asset-window to support scrollbars
  • adding VATs, contacts, products, accounts, assets does not work after deleting a VAT, contact, product, account respectively asset or already having
  • account definition now allows addition of accounts
  • period definition for export is now fixed: one day in advance of the last entry
  • period definition should always be reset before checking for existing entries, otherwise it would always show invalid period if one time a invalid period was selected
  • don’t allow invalid dates (start date after end date) in period selection
  • price must be rounded to max available precision (5?) – e.g. 12.3 creates rounding errors

New features:

  • accountingwizard drag and drop to delete, more and book
  • accounting list drag and drop to delete
  • OBDX import
  • multi-VAT-compliance: invoices with more than one VAT rate can now not only be created but also booked
  • queue support: e.g. in import wizard, the user can now select and drag&drop n entries to a "queue", "book" directly, ask for "more" details and "delete" entry
  • detailed transaction queue: The user can now select n VAT rates (which create according split-bookings) and e.g. a supplier a incoming invoice relates to
  • preselect previous month in VAT export
  • warn if entries are discarded in entry add
  • prevent incomplete entries from being booked
  • tell the user why invoices can’t be mailed if e.g. no customer email address defined
  • possibility to correctly book multi-VAT invoices
  • attempt openoffice.org path autodetection in default installation folders
  • Possibility to execute HBCI payment in detailed entry booking