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09.01.2009 00:00 Age: 8 yrs

Document management, Net income determination, Quick start…


  • config tests now in package testrelated
  • use fileUtils copyFile to copy templates
  • remove unused tables
  • switch from md5 to sha1

Bug fixes:

  • OBDX export has rounding errors
  • delete items when creating new invoice does not work
  • booking a payment via todo window duplicates todo entry instead of removing
  • drop warning refocus now works better on windows (no endless loop)
  • entrydetailwindow exceptions when accountingedit window is not open (e.g. via todo)
  • gross/net value labels lead to unexpected results when booking from import queue in detailedwindow
  • new database version
  • have a local copy of imported documents
  • when renaming transaction type also rename template
  • hbci balance on incoming invoices was not possible
  • windows automatic openoffice path detection: if c:\programme AND c:\program files\ exist, search both

New features:

  • add samples directory with files to import
  • detailedwindow signals possible import queue gross/net value changes
  • OBDX import to identify cashflow direction
  • OBDX import to work with VAT amounts
  • OBDX import to identify contacts by bank details
  • OBDX now has a schema
  • rudimentary document management
  • rudimentary net income determination
  • Quick-start tutorial