< 0.7.6

29.07.2010 00:00 Age: 7 yrs

Major bug fixes


  • zip file to contain files in subfolder gnuaccounting, not root dir
  • upgraded to SWF/Jface 3.6
  • upgraded to NOA 2.2.3

Bug fixes:

  • SF bug 3015191 Gnuaccounting now works with OpenOffice.org 3.2!
  • bug 2985339 Gnuaccounting template designer now works!
  • finish button should only be possible at the end of transaction creation
  • "new product" now has a valid VAT
  • accept , as decimal point in price (custom e.g. in german locale)
  • 2734449 Widgets in contact window now usable also if opened via transaction wizard

New features:

  • portable version can now use relative directories, specify openoffice directory and has a .bat file on its own
  • Easier transaction creation: new item now selects first product instead of "please select"=>no need to validate article selection any more
  • possibility to discard transactions e.g. if created (and cancelled) with wrong transaction type
  • usability improvement for drop targets (button like behaviour: drag requirement removed with selected table rows drop targets now clickable)
  • rudimentary window to close cash accounts
  • manual has been translated from german to english
  • Support import of split entries from moneyplex XML