< 0.7.9

09.09.2011 00:00 Age: 6 yrs

OpenTRANS support


  • pics directory merged with libs
  • hibernateUtil -> persistUtil
  • rename skr03.xml
  • skr03.xml ‘revenue’ account type should be ‘income’
  • remove tax credit/debit account redundancy, create account chart class
  • webshop import save in properties files, merged redundant parts in openTransImporter and Webshopimporter
  • “entry” class: rewrite “columns” private classes which were a bad idea in the first place
  • skr03.xml should indivate VAT cols
  • 1) opentrans, 2) tax definition redundancy 3) entry simplifications/transaction-entry straightened 4) jpa2 5) import transactions 6) webshop
  • merged transactionContentProvider and items
  • credit notes are no longer called credit memos
  • removed entry.referredTransactionID
  • have item list in appTransaction (remove items class)
  • incoming transactions make multi-entries redundant
  • account definition code/function/reference simplifications
  • update from pre JPA-1 hibernate to post JPA-2 eclipseLink
  • renamed transaction–>appTransaction, user –>appUser for JPA2
  • derby instead of hsqldb
  • experimental repo preparations

Bug fixes:

  • obdx file was only generated when mail was sent
  • keyfocus fix attempt on linux
  • application could hang on invoice with more than one item
  • gnuaccounting did not start in Vista

New features:

  • link in bookkeeping window to show size of import queue
  • indicate credit/debit in statements (spread sheet export)
  • ASCII export (addison)
  • add units,
  • add long product description
  • openTrans support