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17.01.2013 15:06 Age: 4 yrs

improved asset and document management

0.8.2 is out after around a man month of work (220h). This is what’s new:


  • receiptincoming format by default no longer refers to date
  • close cash accounts removed
  • entries inPeriod refactorings

Bug fixes

  • AccountBalanceWindow, better date format for details, table resizeable, possibility to sort, have extra column balance, have extra selection by day
  • deleted bookings vanish only from accountingEditWindow after software is restarted
  • When cancelling bank statement import, items in stacks disappear until software restart
  • Standard booking 1200-8400 ignored until software restart
  • Don’t hide OO.o toolbar in designer window
  • nullPointEx in Asset Mng when migrating old data
  • Compatibility to LO 3.6.1 Calc
  • Customer roles are now translated
  • date format in accountingEditWindow and import from bank statement wizard
  • transaction list improvements
  • taxesWindow font corrections
  • newAccountingWizard did not save document entries for it’s transactions
  • better HBCI exception/success handling
  • refactored transactionFromBankAccounttImport.RegexNumberMatchers to documents.getDocumentNumberMatchers
  • documentWindow resize behaviour
  • date format in spread sheet export
  • export as CSV/ASCII wizard finish was disabled
  • ascii export date pattern: year was wrong
  • add description to placeholders in documentation
  • Winston path check
  • incoming assistant ignores changed number
  • linux version can crash on documentwindow: no jsane driver found in classpath On linux, the dialog box asking if the quick start page should be shown was drawn incorrectly

New features

  • this is the first version tested for multi-year data handover
  • new Gleeo timer import, Task coach import improvements, import now creates invoices again instead of credit memos
  • Bank Account Import can now import to other bank accounts (e.g. 1201 instead of 1200)
  • account reconciliation now has a daily balance
  • document mng now supports multiple scanners
  • now supports viewing scanned documents
  • document import now auto-recognizes document numbers from filenames
  • incoming wizard now supports adding a document file, or scan
  • more intelligent number format recognition
  • reference column has a new keyword:. This way entries can be booked and their references can be added later.
  • asset improvements: Export to spread sheet now also lists assets
  • bugfix: assets: fraction part of value (deprecatedvalue, revenueifsold) was lost when restarting
  • assets: new asset should be on top, should not be in calc export