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14.08.2013 15:04 Age: 4 yrs

BezahlCode and Magento support, Search-as-you-type account selection

0.8.3 is out after seven months. This is what’s new:


  • Upgraded to NOA-Libre 0.2.1
  • Upgraded to ZXing 2.1
  • Barbeque library removed in favor of ZXing
  • refactored entryDetailWindow out, new entries are now only possible as part of transactions
  • transactionDetailWindow is now scrollable

Bug fixes

  • skonti corrections in SKR03 and SKR04, i.e. accounts 3730ff,8730ff repectively 5730ff,4730ff
  • A workaround is now available for LO4-Compatibility on linux
  • corrected profit/loss statement in spreadsheet export
  • entries/transactions added with dates before the first or after the last existing one at program start were only shown when restarted

New features

  • Lexware CSV export
  • new celleditor for bank statement import (search-as-you-type)
  • bezahlcode read and write support (see www.bezahlcode.de)
  • Magento shop connector