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15.08.2014 20:07 Age: 3 yrs

Improved templates and ZUGFeRD 1.0 in Gnuaccounting 0.8.6

0.8.6 is out and this is what’s new:


  • Refactored windows: designerwindow, barcoder window, user management, number/formats, taxes, transaction list, asset management, account definition, new transaction wizard (1st screen), account reconciliation
  • Fixed nullpointerex when putting contraccountless import entries on more stack
  • dont allow proceed button when no contra account selected in detailwindow
  • be able to specify/save organization address in settings
  • internally switched VATList from the amount of VAT to the applicable net amount
  • switched from kapott to wiluhns HBCI4Java

Bug fixes

  • #155 detail booking window: VAT ignored
  • #158 Asset management window: show number column from start, add column number from start, correct(de facto add) date until used
  • #164 does not work w/ portable openoffice (this was also the reason why for a long time there was no new gnuaccounting-all-in-one)
  • Entries booked via the “more” stack were only shown in bookkeeping after restart
  • resupport vat:list
  • respect VAT table entries

New features

  • added performance dates
  • placeholders for own street etc
  • better way to set default VAT
  • placeholder arguments e.g. for SEPA payment date
  • better default template
  • Bezahlcode now supports SEPA
  • Switched to Mustangproject 1.1 and ZUGFeRD 1.0
  • transaction list now contains column for contact (=recipient or sender)
  • transaction list now supports search for contact and number
  • transaction list now supports date filter
  • Validate own IBAN and IBANs of customers
  • sample vat removed, now 7 and 19% VAT by default installed
  • Fill bankname from german IBAN in settings
  • default VAT now managed in settings
  • transaction window
  • placeholder system
  • introduced delivery/performance date incl. placeholders transaction:performedfrom transaction:performedto
  • new placeholdermanager to support performancestart, performanceend, and taxes:items, sender:vatid, sender:holder, sender:bankname

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