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22.12.2014 15:13 Age: 2 yrs

The new version 0.8.7 of the open-source-accounting software Gnuaccounting no longer requires adjusting one’s
system settings and supports canadian “Provincial Sales Tax”


  • Upgraded to Apache Derby
  • first JUnit tests


  • Window starter (batch file) now using registry to find 32 bit java
  • Linux starter (shell file) now marked executable in binary archive
  • Contactswindow now updates the contact select box in NewTransactionSelectTransactionDetails in real time

New features

  • Support for canadian “TVQ” vat
  • support for period types weekdays and workingdays
  • Placeholders for item number (=index) and EAN
  • Allow other product IDs in EAN field, like ISBN
  • Allow product selection by EAN search (or e.g. barcode scan)

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