Webinar on Thursday, 16 January

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14.01.2014 18:47 Age: 3 yrs


There will be another free and open Question-and-Answer webinar on Thursday, 16 January, 19:00-20:00 CET.
Please drop me a mail to webinar@gnuaccounting.org until Thursday, 18:00, if you want to attend.
I will send the invitations on Thursday, 18:45 and start the meeting at 18:55. It should work in Linux, Mac and Windows browsers. It will be in english, recorded and published and if we have the time we might e.g. work on the Portable-all-in-one.

I uploaded the recording of the previous webinar,
with VLC or similar you can watch Gnuaccounting intermediate development,~40MB, 1h21min.

(Topics were:

  • How does the JFace Listviewer work
  • JFace LayoutManagers: the current window (manage assets) does not scale properly when resizing.
  • TableViewer: I would like to replace the current ListViewer, which shows only one column, with a proper multi-column TableViewer
  • I would also like to introduce extra attributes to the asset class, i.e. when a asset has been removed from the list. This new attribute would have to be persistable (saveable) and, as always in these cases, we would need a migration path for previous GA versions, i.e. 0.8.4.)

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