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18.07.2007 00:00 Age: 10 yrs

The bookkeeping now imports Starmoney data (bug 1745973), accounts can now be edited (bug 1735538) and the todo-button is now more than just the old records view (bug 1735534): It now shows e.g. installation tasks and invoices to balance. The "Customers" menu is now renamed Business Contacts and can also cater suppliers (bug 1754779). Transactions (at least invoices) are now automatically booked (bug 1754782) (with default VAT). Some changes and bug fixes under the hood (bugs 1749913, 1749917, 1754794, 1755460, 1755461).

I’m removing the "old way" of booking (continuations) completely, so all transactions which are not invoices currently won’t work. Particularly, the automatic booking of transactions upon their creation is a very experimental feature and will be stabilized in following versions of the 0.4.x line.