< 0.7.7

13.10.2010 00:00 Age: 7 yrs



  • removed string array index for accounts
  • remove string array index for products
  • incomplete translations, e.g. table headings
  • move VAT announcement code to taxCalculator class

Bug fixes:

  • numberformatException when using backspace in empty value field in add entry
  • add booking: also allow , instead of .
  • traversing input fields with return not possible when adding entries
  • disable office close in spreadsheet export
  • import of HBCI account data should be rounded
  • trying to click finish in newtransactionwizard
  • entry should not be removed from import list when attributes are missing (standard)
  • check VAT announcements
  • book with standards should apply standard VAT
  • test standard booking to create VAT entries
  • reminders overwrote files of original invoice
  • import of certain task coach files fail
  • manually added booking entries may show extra VAT column
  • Manual is not included in installer package
  • accountingeditwindow: one acct difference when chg entries
  • irritating that error message does not vanish after items are added
  • standard booking outgoing cashflow imported entry: 3100
  • show entries black if Receivables in credit
  • migration: tax change account from 1775 to 1776
  • change all taxes when changing accounting chart
  • in skr04 new invoice still uses SKR03 codes
  • migration of data should create SKR04 accounting frame

New features:

  • show progress bar when initializing accounts
  • when booking against e.g. Büro und Geschäftsausstattung launch asset assistant
  • SKR04
  • additional address line
  • support istversteuerung